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Pes 2016 download for pc

May 23, 2017 Add Comment

Pes 2016 download:

Pes 2016 download  in Direct Link For Windows: on the other hand, fifa 16 has only improved some improvements, the last game or a women's team has been added which has the interest of the player to Konami PES 16.

Pes 2016 Overview:

Pes 2016 download for pc

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 has been published and published under the banner of Konami Digital Entertainment. This game was released on September 16, 2015. This is the 15th edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. You can also  Pes 2016 download.

Pes 2016 download Those who win in Japan, known as Eleven 2016, have come up with new and improved features that make it the best game game. The developers of this game have added a new system for the defenders and players can easily pull out their opponents from their way and can quickly secure the possession of the ball. It has got a new and improved Master League that added more spice to this game. It has introduced an advanced collision system in which EA Sports is trying to add fifa 12 to its game. EA Sports Pro Evolution Soccer has improved significantly from 16 to fifa 2016, while on the other hand, fifa 16 has only improved some improvements, the last game or a women's team has been added which has the interest of the player to Konami PES 16. Has moved towards. PES16 has used the Fox engine to present new night-time lighting as well as player models. It has also got a dynamic weather and you can experience rain during the match. You may also like to download Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

Features of Pes 2016:

The following are the key features of the following pes 2016 download You will be able to experience the first time you install on your operating system.

  • Effective Soccer Simulation Games
  • 15th edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series
  • Japan is known as winning eleven
  • Added a new system for the defenders
  • Advanced collision system introduced
  • New and improved master league found
  • Presented new night time light and player models
  • Dynamic weather got
Pes 2016 download for pc

System Requirements Pes 2016:

Before starting the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 free download, make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements

Operating System: tested on Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or later
Hard Disk Space: 9 GB

Pes 2016 download:

To start Pes 2016 download click on the button below: Free Download This is complete and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided complete setup of direct link to the game.

                                                         Click Here To Download

fifa 17 free download for pc

May 02, 2017 Add Comment

Download "Fifa 17  free download" for PC:

fifa 17 free download for pc
fifa 17 free download for pc
Peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings be upon followers and visitors load offer you today the most powerful football games you charming round game lovers of the best and most football games at all, which has millions of lovers around the world and created a game FIFA 2017 Fifa game of the best football games ever which is one of the most important football games and created a game and sports by many competitions and periodicals that you can access them and have the game all the clubs and the players new  who are currently it one of the best football games and always play to enter into competition with the game pes  2017 will talk The topic for many about the new FIFA game 2017 the latest version will recognize the advantages of the game and you will find at the end of the topic links fifa 17  free download computer .

FIFA 17 of the most famous football games at all, which has millions of fans around the world where it is the development and deployment of a famous company EA Sport was published the latest version of the "Fifa 17  free download" on 27  in 2016 occurred at the time a very big bang , where the game was waiting for millions people around the world because of their attachment to all versions of the famous game , there are many distinctive versions of the game Viva since the first release of the game in 1993 was issued and the renewal of the game every year since the date of issuance until now  became the game a large audience because of the great developments of the game since the beginning of dissemination to our time this is bringing to Among the best football games for PC and PlayStation and Xbox.

The published version first game exactly in the Christmas Festival in 1993, was released the game time on all video devices of various kinds, including computer time, where the time was the game you are giving other names of the teams and the names of the other for the players so as not to violate the rights of FIFA, but the issuance of Fifa 96 has become it has the right to display the names of the players and teams after receiving a license from FIFA and the first version of which was published in which the names of the players.

Initially the game was FIFA big bad to the point where the form of players, stadiums and Alcor was not good at all, but the game was developed in force since the issuance of FIFA 97 was the first version, which pays tribute to him, millions of people as one of the best versions of the game Viva since the beginning  was used Two-dimensional technology in the construction of the players and the use of a three-dimensional feature in the construction of stadiums and Alcor and painted professionally where the game has become more realistic than before and was the game at this time has become very popular and reached the pinnacle of success early.After this success, which he presented the game Viva became within a very strong and fierce competition at the time with Konami company, which was then the launch of a game called Winning Eleven also gained fame very wide and always were the two companies compete every year for the best was always FIFA's  in the shapes and graphics, realistic and was pes  It characterized as easily as high and GPU also was difficult to figure out the best among them because they were offering fierce competition the best to provide the user there and become fans of this game there and become lovers of the game and the other was the two games and then better than each other.

What's new in the "Fifa 17  free download":

There are many developments that have emerged his recent on the game FIFA 2017 computer as the game has become since the beginning of the issuance have millions of lovers who are waiting for a strong every year, which is always the Ea Sport company to provide the best and prepare always many surprises which  its users and the year 2017 full of many powerful surprises within the game Viva, which we will identify and mentioning new in the next lines:

Design forms players: always the developer and updates of voices within game and also your game including graphic form stadiums and Alcor and also forms players were Ea Company and the interest forms players this time to become very close to reality and hardly be  where development form Games and drawn accurately using very high technology and always enter very strong competition with a game PES to compare the form players that make game more realistic and become players in"Fifa 17  free download"now closer to reality.

Movements of the players and skills: renewed movements players and forms free kicks fixed balls was renewed skills players were evaluated every player of players and forms skill and they placed each player them therefore these skills within latest version will show the game FIFA that strength each player will appear forother player where game became more skill than ever before and become players close to reality.

Style of play and control: What distinguishes Game pes  game FIFA that the style of play and control the game pes  easier game FIFA and more flexible as the correction and pass the balls in the game pes  more accurate , and the ease and flexibility of the game FIFA and more fun than a game of FIFA but was able KArts Inc. that is overcoming a very important problem in the game FIFA and let  play and the speed of the players move on the pitch and this was a very big problem in the game Viva but game pes always tops and become the strongest in the control and the speed of play and this does not mean that FIFA bad not even pes  better than just at this point , and also pes has some problems in the decisions Unlike arbitration, the game Viva Viva is always characterized by sound.

Play Options: this year managed "Fifa 17  free download" that wins a landslide victory to add many options to play to your play list where the "Fifa 17  free download" add women 's ball Elly play and also the addition of The Journey career professionalism, which gave the game special fun to play and a game of FIFA also wins the game pes  in play, the collective online game pes  is not strong to provide the best service in the play online game unlike FIFA , which has amended several special playing online characteristics that made play with your friends more fun and entertaining.

Playing licenses: Always seek Konami company to obtain licenses and enter into competition with FIFA in playing licenses and managed pes  company to get signed with Spanish club Barcelona and this thing gave an advantage in addition forms the players better and also the agreement with the Liverpool club and a number of other clubs but always wins the game Viva on pes  to play licenses because it is documented in full possession of the rights of international and domestic leagues, clubs, stadiums and everything but comany company is seeking from appearing in competition with Ketronk company in getting more play licenses.

Features of the game FIFA 2017 :

Control settings: You can control the settings to play with ease and one - click you can play a rerun to set the default.
Image quality: more than wonderful feel like you're watching a real game.
Sound: quality sounds and constant encouragement from the fans makes you feel inside the stadium to play.
Multiple periodicals: There are several leagues and tournaments that you can you create any of them and play inside.
Multiple teams: Inside the game Viva all the teams on the ground.

Difficulty playing: multiple levels of difficulty within the game you can choose among them according to the level of play.
Collective play: the possibility of playing with your friends online with ease and access to the greatest challenges with your friends
.New additions: For the first time there are women 's teams you can play and play their emotions also were added coaches inside the stadium and the addition of press interviews after playing for comment on the game.
Improve the performance of the game: Add many of the features in the form of Alcor, stadiums and movements of the players, as well as celebrations and input pitch
.Control play: Become a pass play and shooting more accurate than ever before.Accuracy and correction: become a game FIFA skill and precision you need to focus on passing the balls and correct them.
Realistic play: become the game more realistic than ever before because of the image quality and forms of the players is very close to reality.
Operating Environment: The game works on Windows computer.
Game license: The Free game license.

Gameplay of Fifa 17: